You’re in Club Marma Hotel; with it’s sea, beach and nature friendly atmosphere, where the Aegean Sea’s wild blue waters embrace the most serene beach in Bodrum.

Club Marma Hotel offers you an outstanding vacation experience with it’s sun soaked sea and immaculate beach, to embrace the hottest days of summer with sweet Aegean breeze.

At Club Marma Hotel, you will wake up to serene mornings to begin every day feeling like you’re in your very own summer house.

A wonderful beach awaits you to enjoy the sun and the sea. A joyous environment is provided all throughout the day with some light music, various activities and sports opportunities.

Right across the sea, you can see the famous, impossible-to-climb Aspat Castle, which is the subject of one of the most famous folk songs of the Aegean region.

When the afternoon sun begins to reveal itself, the sweet Aegean breeze joins it. In mythology, Karaincir/Akyarlar is where the currents meet.

This summer, your heart will beat in Club Marma Hotel.

Club Marma Hotel 3D view

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